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The Nature of Cloud Web Hosting

Reseller web site hosting and "THE HUGE CLOUD"

At the moment, nearly each and every web hosting and reseller hosting distributor toys with the expression "cloud hosting". In reality, the web space hosting suppliers working with a real cloud web hosting environment are perchance less than the fingers of your two hands. That's an established fact. Why is it like this? Because it's bloody difficult to construct an actual cloud web site hosting platform. First, you must select the correct individuals. Second, it takes years for them to develop the cloud site hosting system. Lastly, it calls for a lot of money. Loads of money. Not every programmer or system administrator can be involved in a venture such as this one...

A couple of clouds in the azure site hosting sky

Contemplate the following: how many hybrid vehicle makers are out there? Toyota was the first trailblazer of the serial production of hybrid cars. Began about ten years ago. Recalling anyone else? Huh? Mass production? Come on. Attempt once more. Nissan recently has joined the gang... going straightway electric with the Leaf model. So, let's return to cloud web site hosting... It appears to us, the entire web page hosting horizon is turquoise, with very minute clouds around (maybe only several). :-)

cPanel-based web space hosting versus CLOUD SITE HOSTING

How many of the cPanel-based reseller hosting vendors in existence supply authentic cloud hosting services? Let's not neglect, cPanel was created for and still runs only on one web server. In no less than 99.99% of the cPanel installations worldwide, cPanel works on a single web server. In short, the cPanel shared web hosting solution is a one-single-server-does-it-all sort of a web hosting platform. All disk storage, electronic mail, database, File Transfer Protocol, website hosting Control Panel, DNS, etc. services are being carried out at the same time on one single web hosting server.

One-server webspace hosting platforms: the queue issue

Here's an instance: it's like running eight software programs at the same time on your computer. The PC's performance invariably slows down significantly, because now there is a vast queue with requests waiting to be served or executed (created by these eight software programs running simultaneously). Thus, when the cPanel website hosting reseller corporations dub the web space hosting services on offer "cloud web site hosting-based", it's appropriate to question them: "What type of cloud are you referring to?"

The dense haze around the cPanel-based "cloud web hosting" solution

This so-called "cloud" these cPanel-dedicated blokes are quoting, in actuality, to a certain degree, appears like an enormous mist or a thick fog. Doubtlessly this is not a cloud, even a small one. In the best-case scenario, some of the cPanel hosting corporations (maybe only a few) manage to set up a remote database or DNS name server (or servers), and here you are, they promptly pronounce - we are "in the cloud" already. Yeah, right. Is it a night cloud? Because in the daylight we can't identify it on the horizon!